Master data governance, Cleaning your MRO materials database as a one-time activity is really a tactical step and one half of the overall process; from a strategic perspective, you also need to think of how to maintain the data maintain integrity and consistency in the long term – develop a Master Data Governance Strategy

The involvement of multiple stakeholders who have access to the data via multiple systems (such as ERP, CMMS or EAM systems) makes Master data governance quite a challenge since these systems are not designed with Master data governance as a top priority. With a large number of daily supply chain transactions, data quality decays quickly. Soon, the organization is analyzing and reporting KPIs based on incorrect data. Our MRO data governance solutions are designed to preserve data quality.

Master Data Governance is delivered via our Partlinq® MDG platform, which serves as a central platform for users across the organization. The platform is provided as a managed service. You can be confident that you have professionals managing your data quality, avoiding risks of inconsistent data corrupting the system. Our ISO 8000 certified data specialists will also enable you to implement data taxonomy and data quality policies, across multiple data systems and assure that you maintain control of your catalogs.

Benefits of our MRO data governance platform:
  • Single point data governance solution
  • Completely managed service that minimizes overhead
  • Customizable, flexible and scalable system
  • Internal resources stay focused on core functions
  • Globally accessible
  • Ensure timely availability of items in system