GSP Group Africa is an end-to-end data transformation solution allows organizations to transform, enrich and analyse their data across the functions to set your business up for success.

One of the first business functions to benefit from significant technology upgrades was supply chain management, as the systems are designed to provide insights based on the data inputted into ERP / EAM systems. In general, these systems focus on streamlining transactional activities such as planning, supporting major operations such as warehouse management, and improving decision-making analysis.

Data-driven supply chain transformations can help you achieve more accurate and consistent forecasts, offer faster responses to customer demands, improve inventory management, and reduce costs. It is not just about transforming the data; but about transforming your entire supply chain by combining all the people, processes, and technology involved in getting information to where it needs to go.

A typical process in Data Transformation

  • Extract Legacy Data
  • Perform a detailed Data Audit
  • Define data rules and workflows
  • Implements data standards as per applicable taxonomy
  • Setup a data governance systems and processes to keep data clean

Data transformation can improve the quality of your data by organizing, validating, and formatting it, making it easier for both humans and computers to use. With our platform, you can establish best practice data for your organization. We offer a host of tools to help you meet the needs of your business. We provide ETL (Extract Transform Load) services, metadata management and verification, enterprise-level validation, data profiling and more.

Data transformation in supply chain enables you to harness technology and innovation for business growth, risk mitigation, and cost optimization. Our team of experts can help you migrate legacy data to a new system or extract relevant information from unstructured sources such as online spares catalogs, materials listing sites, and so on.

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