One of the top priorities for a Storeroom Manager is to ensure that the right MRO spare is available at the right time without overstocks. Sounds simple enough, but often, the big challenge is that the systems (ERP / CMMS / EAM) do not reflect storeroom reality. In some other cases, there are spares in the store but they do not have a corresponding match in the ERP/CMMS system, so they really don’t even know the item is in stock. We resolve these issues by doing a crib crawl.

The contradictions between MRO inventory data and the actual stock can be alarming at times.

When you have such a challenge, no one provides a better solution than we do. Our team members physically inspect the storeroom inventory, identify each part, and cross-references the spare information to the material record in the ERP and CMMS. This leads to the creation of a unified record for all MRO parts, making the inventory data in the system reliable and accurate.

Our hybrid model makes crib crawls affordable.

We combine onsite resources to do activities that need boots on the ground, supported by a remote team that does much of the parts research and cataloging work. The whole process is very well supported by a technology platform that manages the project data for the teams. This model is highly efficient and helps reduce the cost of crib crawls. Project turnarounds are also shortened since the onsite and remote teams work around the clock.

Crib crawling is physically inspecting, identifying, and counting the parts in stock (items, SKU, materials) in the storeroom (or warehouse) of a Plant, Manufacturing unit, factory, repair center or any location.