Smart MRO Solutions for multiple industries


MRO Optimization is an area of focus for all asset-intensive organizations, as it enables significant reduction of operational expenses, and enhances plant maintenance efficiency and reliability, MRO Stock. By gaining deeper insights into spend and consumption of spare parts, organizations can improve the efficiency of the supply chain, while ensuring availability of critical spares when needed. Our solutions enable organizations to understand how their supply chain can be optimized for performance, while keeping reliability balanced with cost reduction.

MRO Data Excellence

Emerging technology has revolutionized how MRO needs are serviced, but a major challenge is usually been the availability of accurate data across ERP, EAM, and CMMS systems, which is essential for strategic planning and decision making. The MRO material master is highly fragmented in many companies due to multiple stakeholders across regions adding and modifying the data over time. To overcome existing data inconsistencies developed over time, organizations have no option but to conduct a thorough Data Cleaning & Enrichment exercise to make sure all the MRO parts are classified as per an industry standard Taxonomy such as UNSPSC / eClass / ETIM, the SKUs are all cleansed and enriched with critical technical parameters, standardized long and short descriptions and the overall database is devoid of duplicates. Our services provide clients a comprehensive solution to cleanse, enrich, deduplicate their existing item master and create a new master database that that can be leveraged as a central repository of MRO items to drive all transactions.

Asset Management

Efficient performance of assets is very crucial for uninterrupted plant operations in asset-intensive organizations. Engineering and Maintenance teams are under tremendous pressure to reduce budget, labor, and operating costs while increasing production levels. The Management expects 100% uptime of assets and >98% OEE. The complexity and variety of industry-specific equipment, OEM equipment without proper BOMs make their task more challenging. GSP Group Africa Expert services can help to create Functional and Equipment BOM hierarchy with Critical spares, MRO Stock strategy along with Asset register and SPIR. Our services ensure the availability of the right spares for planned and unplanned maintenance.


The procurement function is critical in any organization, as it directly affects almost every other function in the company, as well as impacts profitability in a pretty significant manner. In order to reduce costs, there will usually be multiple initiatives running in parallel, but very often the internal bandwidth to run those activities may be limited. Or it may be that certain transactional activities get backlogged due to other activities, leading to a lag in the system. We enable organizations to enhance their procurement capabilities by providing a host of services around Strategic Sourcing, Order Expediting, Vendor onboarding, PO Processing, and many others.

Some of our services most demanded by asset-intensive industries

Digital Transformation

  • Business Process Transformation
  • MRO Data Excellence
  • MRO Data Governance
  • Data Transformation
  • Crib Crawl

Procurement Services

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Procure to Pay
  • Procurement Cost Reduction
  • Procurement Risk Mitigation
  • Procurement Consulting

Inventory optimization

  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Storeroom Optimization
  • Right size Inventory
  • Supplier Rationalization

Asset Management

  • Asset Management Strategy
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • CMMS/EAM support
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